The beer

As the name of our house implies, we see beer as a top priority.

In 1907, the Zipf, brewery which is located in the small upper-Austrian area of the Hausruckviertel, bought our building and named it after the brewery. Zipfer beer-house.

Unfortunately, the brewery itself is not the owner of the building anymore. It is now owned by a private person in Germany. However, the name Zipfer is still remaining and our house is the last existing and genuine inn in the city centre.

"Das Wasser gibt dem Hornvieh Kraft, dem Menschen stärkt der Gerstensaft." Wilhelm Busch
(Like cattle need water, humans get stronger by drinking beer)

We offer a variety of Austrian types of beer.


Available throughout the whole year:

> Zipfer Urtyp beer on tap

light golden yellow, off-dry hoppy taste, discreet flavour of malt

> Zipfer Märzen, bottled

light gold, full-bodied, slight hoppy taste

> Edelweiss light beer on tap

amber-coloured, naturally-cloudy, fine carbon dioxide, especially full-bodied

> Edelweiss dark, bottled

maroon, naturally-cloudy, taste of vanilla, cinnamon and roasted malt

> Edelweiss non-alcoholic, bottled

amber-coloured, naturally-cloudy, discreet roasting aroma, caramel flavour, fine fruitiness

> Gösser Zwickel dark beer on tap

light roasting aroma, floral taste of hop, soft taste

> Gösser Natur Gold non-alcoholic, bottled

Austrian's best non-alcoholic beer – gold, naturally-cloudy and full-bodied

> Kaiser doublemalt, bottled

dark redbrown, balanced, typical malt sweetness

> „Mischbier“ - selfmade mixture

50-50: this classical beer consists of Zipfer Urtyp beer and Kaiser doublemalt. Light and sweet, dark colour, discret taste of hop and malt.


Seasonal beers

> Bernstein beer on tap (January - September)

light beer, spicy note

> Oktoberbeer on tap (September - November)

spicy, full-bodied, easily drinkable

> Weihnachtsbock on tap (November - January)

malted, spicy, substantial, rich in extracts


Beer of the month:

Alternately we present chosen craft beer made by local and international breweries. Current information about our beer of the month you can get on our Facebook page and on our hompage, 'recommendations'.